Will Rishi Sunak’s mini budget this month make enough difference?

Will Rishi Sunak’s mini budget this month make enough difference?

It’s fair to say that the last few years have been unprecidendtedly strange and difficult!  First we had Brexit, then before we had time to digest the impacts of that, the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  Hard to belive that two years ago this week we were ordered to “stay at home” as looking back that seems both an age away and just yesterday! And of course in recent weeks we’ve had the atrocity of Putin waging war on Ukraine.

Hard to take all that in really!

But we hold tight to the little things in life that matter and are thankful that Spring seems to have blessed us this week with some warmth, sunshine and many many daffodils.

The Spring Statement

The Spring Statement was also released this week and with the cost of living higher than ever before, we are all hoping that this mini budget might give us all a little hope; helping people and businesses deal with rising costs and with luck raising the future growth rate too. Here’s a quick summary of the key points for us as business owners and employees:

Announced changes to taxes and spending include:

There are things that you can do too in order to control your business finances and to make sure that your company remains profitable.

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