What is a Virtual Office and why are they so good for Start-Ups and work from home businesses?

What is a Virtual Office and why are they so good for Start-Ups and work from home businesses?

What is a virtual office?

For entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, renting a physical office space isn’t always financially or practically viable. For those starting and building their business from home, a virtual office can serve as that first step towards getting established without the commitment of renting an actual room in an office building or business centre.


If you’re looking to give your business a more professional image, a virtual office is a flexible, cheaper alternative to taking office space. Having a presence in a particular location and a proper business address, along with access to professional space in which to meet with clients or remote working staff, gives real credibility and the impression that your small business is professional, well-established and ultimately trustworthy.


Virtual offices are usually available in a variety of options including address only/mail handling, or those with a business phone number and call handling too, and cost much less than renting a traditional office.


Having a virtual office means that you can work ANYWHERE, whether you travel to see clients, work from home or prefer to move around and use local cafe hotspots etc.  It allows you to build a business in any number of markets at home ot overseas whilst working the way that fits your style. You could even have more than one virtual office to give your business a presence in different locations.


Working from home can require the need to employ strategies to avoid distractions but it does also mean that your business hours are under control and any other responsibilties don’t have to fall by the wayside or stop you from growing your business. Ultimately less time spent on commuting to an office means more time available for focussing on your business.

An address that means business!

The Wincombe Centre offers a Virtual Office package which will give you an instant presence in North Dorset with a professional Shaftesbury business address and the ability to work ANYWHERE . With access to networking events and our centre facilities including two fabulous meeting rooms, the day desk suite and full reception services, you’ll get all the benefits of a physical office without the expense.

All for only £35/Month + VAT