Welcoming New Businesses to the Centre

Welcoming New Businesses to the Centre

The beginning of 2022 promised hopes of a brighter, easier, covid free future but instead brought with it staffing difficuties with continued Covid levels, a war between Russia and Ukraine and the UK’s cost of living crisis!  Times have never been harder.  But we are a nation of fighters with people running small businesses being some of the most creative, innovative and determined of them. Brand clarity, budgetting and efficient time and team management have been more important than ever.  The Wincombe Centre has seen a fair few changes over the first half of the year but has thankfully has seen many with continued success and also welcomed new businesses including jewellery makers, insurance brokers, recruitement companies, and back office service providers to the centre.

Why chose The Wincombe Centre?

If you are currently working from home or need to grow your business space, then renting a serviced office can provide the ideal solution. There is a lot of debate about working from home and there are a good deal of benefits. It makes sense to keep your costs down as you begin to grow your business and it’s great to be able to interact closely with the family, and work on your terms with no commute , but it can sometimes inhibit business growth and often creates a frustratingly blurred line when it comes to work/homelife balance.

Risk-free, flexible office space

Having an office can help you to expand your business capabilities and work more productively. It will give a professional image to your clients and having a designated focused place to work in a centre like ours, with a bustle of other link minded business people, creates an energy that you can harness to take your business to the next level.

Access is 24/7  so you won’t need to give up your flexibilty to start your day when it suits and most importantly when your workday ends, something that’s often compromised in a home office environment.

Taking an office at The Wincombe Centre is easy and our agreements will give you great flexibility with just two weeks notice required to upsize, downsize or move out if your business requirements change. Inclusive Licence fee’s means you can easily budget.  We’ll manage everything so you are able to focus on running your business leaving the worries of utility supply, maintenance and security to us.

Enquire about office space for your business

Now is a perfect time to think about your business needs as we have a selection of fabulous offices available. See our AVAILABILITY and get in touch for more information.

Call 01747 850404 to enquire or pop into reception and we’ll show you around. Reception open from 9am to 3pm daily.