Want FREE Tips for marketing your business?

Want FREE Tips for marketing your business?

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5 Ways to Market Your Business for FREE

Are you scratching your head about your website, or even what to do about your website? Are you getting any enquiries from your website?

Many small business owners often ask “why is my website not working”

Well, the answer is probably because “you are not working it…”

Marketing a website is not rocket science but it does involve a fair amount of input from the business owner. Your website is a great opportunity to tell the world why they should use your services or products by sharing your knowledge and expertise of your specialist field.  If the content is not interesting, then why would anyone visit your site?

So I’ve put together some ideas that Business Owners can do themselves to promote their website:

  1. Add a Blog.  You can visit or Blogger and create a blog for free. Write about the most interesting things that happen in  your industry, share your experiences with the world – people are interested.  Then just add a link to your current website for your blog.
  2. Promote your blog on Twitter.  Open up a Twitter account and share your blog with the world. It’s great fun and you can meet some interesting people.
  3. Post your presentations on, then upload these presentations on your profile on LinkedIn. Great for helping you get found in Google.
  4. Sign up to an Email client (eg Mailchimp or Aweber) and add email capture onto your website.  In order to help gain email addresses, you will need to give something away – can be a simple document… but this works!
  5. Set up a Google+ page for your business.  Google+ is now a great tool to share information with your peers, and prove you are an authority in your profession.

If you would like any help with any of these, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, my name is Alison and you can reach me on 01747 850403, or visit me at