Time to think about your office needs moving forward?

Time to think about your office needs moving forward?





With lockdown beginning to ease and a return to our new normal future on the horizon… now is the perfect time to rethink your office needs. You may be working from home and finding things compromising? You may be thinking of downsizing your offices in order to allow more of your staff the option of working from home or be looking to upsize your small office in order to allow for more space for your team? Whatever your business space needs, we might be able to help.


OFFICE SPACES available at the moment which may aid any decision you are making:

Unit 5 is 340 sq ft in Block 1 with an inclusive weekly licence fee of £156.95 + VAT

Unit 11 is 273 sq ft in Block 2 and uniquely has an internal office too.  It has a weekly licence fee of £126.00 + VAT

Unit 44 is jus 115 sq ft and is upstairs in Block 3. It has an inclusive weekly licence fee of just £57.50 + VAT and is a great little office for 1/2 people.

All of our offices are let with flexible EASY IN EASY OUT terms meaning that you can budget effectively, react to the needs of your business and can move out, upsize or downsize with just two weeks notice. We can also provide you with a broadband service for only £25.00 + VAT per month continuing the flexibility and control you would have of your businesses finances with us here.

Perhaps you are happy working from home but now need somewhere safe and separate to meet with your clients? Our MEETING ROOMS are available to hire from just £15.00 + VAT per hour.

Reception is open between 9am – 2pm and it is here that you will find Wendy or Anne who will be able to assist. Alternatively call 01747 850404 or email  [email protected]