Thinking of Downsizing? Worried about rising utility bills?

Thinking of Downsizing?  Worried about rising utility bills?

Thinking of Downsizing your office space?

The events of the past couple of years have brought about change for businesses at an escalated pace. The workplace itself has transformed especially with the emergence of hybrid working causing many businesses to re-evaluate their space. If your office is only at half capacity most of the time, you may well be wondering if it’s fulfilling its purpose.  Perhaps the sudden steep increase in utility bills has got you thinking about changes that you could make to help reduce your outgoings?

What are you looking to get out of your reimagined office space?

Will you need hot desks? A place for team members to collaborate face to face? Access to meeting rooms in which to see clients?  One thing is for sure, your hard work in structuring and supporting a sometimes remote workforce, along with a creative office experience is crucial in incentivising your team and to boost productivity.

Remember that you can always upsize too.

One of the many benefits of downsizing from a lease or traditional business space letting to a flexible office space, like that offered at The Wincombe Centre, is that you STAY flexible and can continually adapt to how much space you need. Even though you are downsizing now, you may wish to take up more space in a year or so, or even in a few months!

How can our business centre help you?

The Wincombe Centre provides offices to let on a weekly basis with just a two week notice period required to upsize, downsize or move on. That’s real flexibility in a time where we are all a little unsure of what the future has in store for us, with the ability to adjust your space as your business needs change.

Our Licence Fees are inclusive, so you’ll be able to fix your electricity, gas and water costs year by year giving you the ability to predict all outgoings and simply work on maximising your income!  Our solar panels also work really hard at keeping our costs down and affordable no matter what the prices do.






Amongst other fabulous business space opportunities here, Unit 41 is looking for a new business to bring it to life.  It’s a lovely bright space on the first floor of our Shaftesbury centre with dual aspect views right across the business park.  The front windows would lend themselves to some creative vinyl advertising as this space is really prominent for anyone entering the park.

So take some control and downsize into The Wincombe Centre and join a bustling and vibrant business community here in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

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