Struggling with high energy costs?

The Wincombe Centre is currently undergoing a big project to install PV solar panels on our roof space.  Hopefully very soon we will be generating some of   our own electricity!

Brilliant Harvest Installations Ltd, formed in 2010 near Bruton in Somerset by founder Jeff Ingvaldson, is installing the high quality Solar PV  array.  Brilliant Harvest Installations have grown into the largest specialised PV Company in the area. In the last 6 months they have installed 760kWp of Solar PV Panels – (that is more than 3,400) and they have 18 workers and are installing approximately 100kW per week.

We will bring you more news as the installation completes.  We are hoping to generate some of our own electricity and thus begin to take control of spiralling energy costs in order to keep our licence fees competetive and affordable!