Something new…you could join us too!

The Wincombe centre has been a hive of activity again this last week.

We have had two tenants that have decided to move on…..

Apex Care are centralising their office to make their business opperation more effective.  They have just left us for an office in Henstridge and we wish them well.

Engage XM are leaving us too.  They no longer need a local office and so Alistair will return to his large bristol head office.  We wish them continued success with their business.

New tenants joining us soon are:

SPRINGBOARDS LTD who are moving into Unit 23 soon

GDA ARCHITECTURE who will be moving into Unit 24 in a coupld of weeks     and

CARELINE LTD who will be joining us in the new year.


We still have ONE unit available…..perhaps your business could do with a redirection, perhaps your home office has it’s downfalls, well Unit 10 could be your solution.  It is 273 Sq Ft and is being newly decorated as we speak.  Pop in to have a look or call for more information on 01747 850404.