So what does an orangutan get up to on his holidays?

So what does an orangutan get up to on his holidays?

Graham – The Wincombe Centre’s Roving Reporter was whisked away on holiday for two weeks, courtesy of Lorna from Careline CC Ltd.

The gallant travellers set off in the car to Exmouth and checked into their caravan for the week.  The fun did not stop there….

holiday 7

holiday 3

There was plenty of relaxing:

holiday 1      holiday 4

And even fun and frolicks at the beach where one day Graham bumped into Wendy the Manager from The Wincombe Centre;  a huge surprise

for her as she was unaware that Graham had booked a holiday at all!!  Wendy said ”  Imagine my surprise when, as leaving the beach at

Dawlish Warren, I bumped into Graham the Orangutan”

holiday 5    holiday 6

Graham wishes to Thank Lorna and his family for a wonderful holiday.  Mr Keen says; “never again – Graham caused

so much attention on the beach, I;’m glad to be home for a rest”.


Graham is back at work now and looking forward to his next Roving Report from Track Record Global.

Watch this space!


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