Should we be talking about Menopause in the workplace?

Should we be talking about Menopause in the workplace?

Menopause is one of the last taboo subjects that really does need to be addressed in the workplace.  It is still so much a misunderstood thing for those going through it and for those on the outside. Providing yourself or your employees with the opportunity to hear some practical advice should help to feel supported through this still very rarely talked about subject.

Nicola Green, having been through an early menopause herself, runs a consultancy offering fabulous workshop sessions about menopause in the workplace and today she meet a group of us up at The Wincombe Centre.







Women over 50 are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and yet half of women find it difficult to cope with work during this time in their lives and indeed 1 in 4 actually consider leaving their place of work due to their symptoms.  

It’s so much more than ‘I’d give her a wide birth if I were you’ and ‘she’s having a hot flush’ (still waiting for one of those) and as well as it being so important for employers to understand the possible issues that their staff might be struggling with and as such find ways to support them resulting in less sick days and a more productive workforce, but discussing things in a forum like we did today, even though all of our experiences and symptoms varied, made me ( yes….I am of that age) realise that I’m not alone, ill, failing, or indeed going completely batty!



It’s not an illness but it’s effects are far reaching and sometimes really debilitating.

So get talking everyone!

Or even book Nicola in to come to your workplace [email protected] / 07795 655507

I’m off home for a nap!