Raising money by eating chocolate!

Raising money by eating chocolate!

The Wincombe Centre Tuck Shop has been in action this last few months raising money for local charities.

This month we got to present DORSET & SOMERSET AIR AMBULANCE with a cheque for £77.00

It costs over £2000 every time the helicopter leaves the ground, so even though our cheque is tiny, every penny counts and they were very happy to receive it.  Thank you to Douglas Wiggins for coming down on their behalf to collect it. Well done to everyone who contributed.

Our next project is somewhat larger, as we are raising money in order to install a Defibrillator at the centre, for the use by the entire Wincombe Business Park. As well as the tuck shop and coffee available at reception, we’re asking local businesses at the park to donate.  We’ve already raised £220.00 so things are getting exciting!