Perhaps you need a Counsellor or an Independent Financial Advisor??

The Wincombe Centre would like to welcome two new tenants.


Clea Stanley believes that counselling cannot change the past but that it can make a difference to the present and the future.  She offers short term, solution-focused couselling or long term therepy from Unit 7 in Block 1.  Welcome to the Centre Clea.


Neil Sutherland is an Independent Financial Advisor.  He aims to help others achieve their financial objectives by providing strategic financial planning advice according to each individual client’s medium to long term needs and aspirations. Neil is well qualified for this role, with over twenty years experience in investments and the last five years as a self-employed business owner.  Find Neil at Unit 30 upstairs in Block 3.

If you would like to move or start your business at The Wincombe Centre call Wendy on 01747 850404 or check out the availability page on the website.