Offices are more beneficial than you think!

Offices are more beneficial than you think!

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we work and in particular the role of the office, with many employees switching to home working and adapting well to the remote environment. Despite this the majority of businesses still see a huge value in people being together, particularly for team morale, so the physical office space is still arguably just as important as it ever was.

So, what benefits do offices provide for businesses and employees, and why is returning to the office, even on a part time basis, advantageous for both?

1. Offices connect people

Whether it’s a work-related topic or a personal problem shared, talking face to face and chatting over a coffee break builds social cohesion and connections between colleagues which all helps to create a stronger company culture. A social buzz around the office ensures that people are more engaged and passionate about their roles.


2. Offices optimise innovation and collaboration

Offices play a vital role in creating an environment for collective innovation, productivity and wellbeing. Ideas can be shared and developed as it’s much easier for colleagues to communicate with each other, read moods and emotions and bounce ideas off each other in a shared space. This creates an energy and a positive working atmosphere which cannot be replicated remotely or through video calls. Offices ensure that everyone on the team has similar working conditions and also helps to solidify brand image which will in turn impact on business success.


3. Offices keep work and home life separate

While balancing home and work life can keep us on our toes at the best of time, the office provides a clear place of work, which employees (and bosses!) can physically leave at the end of the each day. Being able to mentally switch off from work helps to reduce stress.  A designated work time and space improves productivity and also allows us to enjoy home life and down time more which is so very important.


Whether you’re a lone worker or a business with a larger team, having a physical office is good for business!

Having an office that provides the perfect space for your business needs and that of your team, which also offers real flexibility AND fixed costs in these uncertain times is crucial to running a successful business. The Wincombe Centre can provide all that you’ll need to get started or simply to refocus, as well as two bright versatile meeting rooms .

We’ll also look after your mental health with break out zones, the ability to bring your dog to work, a lovely sunny patio (hopefully!), and the ability to work at times to suit you (access 24/7) with the ability to lock up and leave your desk at the end of your day. There’s even a Gym and a Massage Therapy Room onsite so we’ve got you covered!

Check out our availabilty and call Wendy on 01747 850404 NOW to discuss how The Wincombe Centre and our SPRING OFFERS could help you secure your next office in Dorset.