Is your past affecting your future?

May 13th, 2021
The Wincombe Centre is home to so many hard working people. It’s amazing the sheer diversity of different businesses we have up here. From finance to massage, websites to podiatry. Today I caught up with Sarah from Branches Counselling and we got talking about how we we’ve been coping through this last year. I thought it might be nice for you to meet her.  She’s lovely!

My name is Sarah, I’m a Psychodynamic Counsellor which means I work with people to better understand how their past has affected their present and future. I am passionate about empowering people to find their own answers and to make positive changes in their lives.

I have a beautiful, quiet , warm and welcoming space at The Wincombe Centre. The room is spacious, facilitating a Covid Secure environment which is fully risk assessed and maintained in order that I can work with people in person, without the need for face coverings once we are seated in the room.

The past year has taken a huge toll on people’s health and wellbeing. The cycle of lockdowns has brought to light new painful issues and amplified existing ones for many people.  Now, more than ever, it is vital that people are able to access safe, non-judgemental spaces where they can think about and talk through their problems and feelings. The experience of being able to talk freely and of being listened to in an active and deep way, is a powerful tool in finding new ways to think about problems and decisions that people may be facing in their lives. Often it is helpful to talk to someone who is totally removed from the family and personal life, it gives a freedom to express real feelings, without feeling anxious about upsetting or offending close family members or friends.

I work with people who have a wide range of difficulties and emotions, including anxiety, bereavement and other types of loss, depression, relationship issues, anger issues, self-harm, eating disorders, stress, trauma and sexual issues to name but a few. Often people feel anxious about seeking help as they feel their problem is too difficult or unusual. It can be a relief to be able to talk and think about it with someone who is not phased and can think openly.

The first step is to get in touch and arrange a time for a brief conversation on the phone.  I will then invite you for an Initial Assessment Session of up to 90 minutes which is £55. This gives us both a chance to decide if the way I work is helpful for you and if you would like to have therapy with me. The sessions will then be weekly for 50 minutes, charged at £40 per session.

If you respond to this piece however, I can offer sessions at a reduced fee of £37.50


Sarah has spaces in her practice to see people and would welcome hearing from you. Please contact her via the BACP website or directly on  or 07923 212852



Time to think about your office needs moving forward?

April 19th, 2021





With lockdown beginning to ease and a return to our new normal future on the horizon… now is the perfect time to rethink your office needs. You may be working from home and finding things compromising? You may be thinking of downsizing your offices in order to allow more of your staff the option of working from home or be looking to upsize your small office in order to allow for more space for your team? Whatever your business space needs, we might be able to help.


OFFICE SPACES available at the moment which may aid any decision you are making:

Unit 5 is 340 sq ft in Block 1 with an inclusive weekly licence fee of £156.95 + VAT

Unit 11 is 273 sq ft in Block 2 and uniquely has an internal office too.  It has a weekly licence fee of £126.00 + VAT

Unit 44 is jus 115 sq ft and is upstairs in Block 3. It has an inclusive weekly licence fee of just £57.50 + VAT and is a great little office for 1/2 people.

All of our offices are let with flexible EASY IN EASY OUT terms meaning that you can budget effectively, react to the needs of your business and can move out, upsize or downsize with just two weeks notice. We can also provide you with a broadband service for only £25.00 + VAT per month continuing the flexibility and control you would have of your businesses finances with us here.

Perhaps you are happy working from home but now need somewhere safe and separate to meet with your clients? Our MEETING ROOMS are available to hire from just £15.00 + VAT per hour.

Reception is open between 9am – 2pm and it is here that you will find Wendy or Anne who will be able to assist. Alternatively call 01747 850404 or email

Can you build office space and still encourage nature?

July 17th, 2020

Meadow View

In 2019 The Wincombe Centre set about a new build. Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic were based at the centre and looking to expand. We built them a new clinic on a grassy area at the side of the main centre. We had to move an existing landscaped bund slightly to accommodate it and, after the works were completed, planted a variety of trees and shrubs back on the new landscapes area.

Then… we got talking to Darwin Ecology!

Based at the centre … with an office overlooking the new landscaping, they were keen for us to plant a wild flower meadow on its banks and set about talking to us about options. Plans were devised and as well as providing us with a much enhanced landscape, with a lovely variety of native trees and shrubs, they laid a wild flower meadow seeded turf on the bank and a seeded soil in low lying areas.

Timing sadly couldn’t have been worse, as we entered lockdown immediately after the work was done and also experienced some of the most amazing (and unforgiving) sunshine we’ve had in Dorset for a long time. However, Team Darwin never gave up. They tirelessly laboured and watered to help the meadow establish.

Now I’d like to sound knowledgeable about what flowers we have growing but I’m afraid I’m lacking in that department, however, I will say that, when I went for a wander this afternoon, the entire bank was teaming with life. Butterflies of all kinds leapt between the many colourful flowers, dancing a merry jig to the rhythmic chirp of the Crickets song. It was really quite beautiful.

Next time you’re visiting the Vets or popping up to the centre, stop for a moment and take a look.


Can anyone believe it’s mid July already?

July 16th, 2020

Shocking isn’t it.  For all the pluses and minuses that Lockdown gave us… it certainly seems that we all lost a few months of this year somewhere.

We, like many others based ourselves at home for April and May but returned to the centre in June. Since then it’s been a whirlwind.  We’ve welcomed back nearly all businesses, with many changing the way they work on a daily basis and splitting teams to stagger how they operate in the offices.  Still…..It seems (she says with fingers well crossed) that life goes on in the business world of North Dorset.

For those working at the centre and those visiting, please be assured that The Wincombe Centre is Covid-19 Secure. We’ve worked really hard on procedures to keep everyone safe.








Access to the offices hasn’t changed. You are politely requested not to enter the building if you have any Coronvirus symptoms and are asked to wash/antibac gel your hands on arrival and to wear a mask if waiting in communal areas for any length of time.

Reception is open 9am-1pm.  Please feel free to pop in to see Anne or Myself (Wendy) if we can help you in any way.

Our meeting room facilities are also open. We have a lovely clean, bright, spacious room, ideal for 6/8 people keeping to social distancing guidelines.  We’re offering this to local businesses for a reduced rate until the end of August.  At just £10 per hour, we’re hopefully giving you an easy, safe and affordable way to meet with your clients. To book just call into reception, call 01747 850404 or email






If you’re interested in office space please check the website for the latest availability or call me on 01747 850404. We offer all space on flexible terms with inclusive weekly licence fees.  Offices available have prices ranging from £79.50-£126.00 + VAT per week, and with only two weeks notice to quit, you’ll have real flexibility and full control of your finances….whatever the world seems fit to throw at you!

Stay safe everyone!  Wendy 

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing!

December 20th, 2019


The Wincombe Centre (or at least a fabulous set of people brave enough to join Anne and I) took a field trip to The Coppleridge Inn in Motcombe to begin our Christmas celebrations.  It was such a delicious meal shared with some incredible people. It’s just Anne and I in the Wincombe office but we are so lucky to also have an entire business centre full of colleagues and friends who all make our working life so wonderful and enjoyable so it was great to be able to celebrate together.








Should we be talking about Menopause in the workplace?

November 12th, 2019

Menopause is one of the last taboo subjects that really does need to be addressed in the workplace.  It is still so much a misunderstood thing for those going through it and for those on the outside. Providing yourself or your employees with the opportunity to hear some practical advice should help to feel supported through this still very rarely talked about subject.

Nicola Green, having been through an early menopause herself, runs a consultancy offering fabulous workshop sessions about menopause in the workplace and today she meet a group of us up at The Wincombe Centre.







Women over 50 are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and yet half of women find it difficult to cope with work during this time in their lives and indeed 1 in 4 actually consider leaving their place of work due to their symptoms.  

It’s so much more than ‘I’d give her a wide birth if I were you’ and ‘she’s having a hot flush’ (still waiting for one of those) and as well as it being so important for employers to understand the possible issues that their staff might be struggling with and as such find ways to support them resulting in less sick days and a more productive workforce, but discussing things in a forum like we did today, even though all of our experiences and symptoms varied, made me ( yes….I am of that age) realise that I’m not alone, ill, failing, or indeed going completely batty!



It’s not an illness but it’s effects are far reaching and sometimes really debilitating.

So get talking everyone!

Or even book Nicola in to come to your workplace / 07795 655507

I’m off home for a nap!


Does economic growth start with a good breakfast?

October 30th, 2019

Dorset Council is holding a series of Business Breakfasts to look at the Economic Growth Strategy. The first event is in Sturminster Newton on the morning of Monday 18th November.

Sustainable economic growth is a key priority for Dorset Council and our new Economic Growth Strategy has been designed to achieve this. This breakfast is part of a series of Business Breakfast Events where the council will be sharing details about their vision, the strategy, and asking businesses for their views and input.

Event programme

7.30 am – Registration

8.00 am – Welcome and presentations

9.30 am – Close and networking

Light refreshments will be provided and there’ll be the opportunity to meet a range of business support organisations as well as time for networking with other businesses.

For more information, please contact Tim Brown, Economic Development Officer (01202 795593,

How would you celebrate ten years in Business?

July 31st, 2019

The Wincombe Centre is in its 10th anniversary year and its been a year that has seen the brand new, built to spec, Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic open on site!  Where once there was only shrubs and a small grassy area….

now sits a lovely spacious car park and new vets clinic






We are thrilled with the final result. It’s extended the centre, opened up the car park and made it all look bright and spacious. Friars Moor Clinc was very excited to open its doors and are loving their new space. It’s been great to help them to stay in Shaftesbury and allow them to expand to offer surgical procedures here as well as at their Sturminster Newton branch.






Also this year, we’ve celebrated our anniversary (and mine as Manager) with a summer BBQ.











Such is life at the centre! (Role on the Harvest Lunch in September!)

It’s a great place to work for Anne and I, and hopefully for our business users too. With ample free parking, two lovely meeting rooms available from only £15 per hour, virtual office packages from £30 per month, and office space available with easy inclusive licence fees starting from only £50 per week, there’s so much support for local businesses.

Contact me (Wendy Ibbotson) on 01747 850404 or to see if The Wincombe Centre could be part of your success. Makes perfect business sense!




Can you raise money just by eating chocolate?

July 25th, 2019

Wincombe £1 tuck shop raises £330 for Salisbury Hospital’s Stars Appeal!

Our reception has a small tuck shop basket full of goodies that all cost £1. Not only do we help those poor hungry folk, working hard in our offices when they suddenly get the munchies, but we also donate all of the money received to worthy charities every year.

Over the last few years Stars Appeal has been attempting to raise money for a new MRI scanner for Salisbury Hospital so we thought this was well worth supporting.

We’re really happy to have been able to donate so much… just from enjoying the odd chocolate treat! Well done and thank you to everyone who donated.