L A Marketing….not just web designers!

L A Marketing….not just web designers!

Graham’s Roving report from L A Marketing & Design (unit 20)


I have just had the opportunity to spend some time with LA Marketing & Design in Unit 20. This write-up is a bit late due to a couple of days that I had to spend in rehab following my visit.

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It took a little time to get to grips with what LA Marketing & Design actually do, I assumed that they just did websites but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I spent a day with Alison (one of the Directors) who was designing artwork for some emailing campaigns. Alison would check the email lists, upload her design then send a test email to their client who would check it before all the email’s were sent out. I never realised there was so much to do to get an email out.

I then spent some time with Lionel (another Director) who was busy doing some mumbo-jumbo called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. To be honest he lost me when we started looking at the statistics for one of their clients. Lionel said that they only use ‘white hat’ SEO, which I assume is the good type, he said that there are many people out there using bad or ‘black hat’ methods for Search Engine Optimisation and that these people ruin things for businesses that don’t understand how it all works.

Beth; who has recently joined LA Marketing, was a lot easier to understand, she has a good eye for design and makes things look really nice for their clients. Beth also has a good knowledge of WordPress and explained to me how LA Marketing create plug-ins for their customers so that their websites do what they are supposed to. Beth was very nice to me and to be honest she was my favourite because she gave me sweets.


What happened next just blew my head away! I spent a couple of hours with Dave (PHP Programmer) and that two hours was more than enough for me. “Oh I just put this bit of code in here, add this code here and then load it up onto the remote server!” Sounds simple doesn’t it, well not to me and I am pleased that it was only a couple of hours.






Luckily Dave & Beth took me to the pub for a couple of beers and a few games of pool, that got my head straight again.


LA Marketing & Design offer more than just websites and it was good for me to spend some time with them and understand what else they did. They also create print-ready artwork, brochures, business cards, leaflets and much more. This is why Lionel says that they are a digital marketing agency and not just web designers. From what I could see if you wanted to start a new business or rebrand your existing business or even give your existing website a bit of a boost then LA Marketing & Design could after everything for you.