Is a mentor really just a ‘friend in business’?

Is a mentor really just a ‘friend in business’?

I’ve just heard all about ‘Dormen’ – DORset Business MENtoring and thought it might be worth sharing.

It’s an advice service meant for owners of business at all stages of development from fledgling through growth to planning exit strategy whether retirement or sale, from sole traders to companies employing up to 250 people.

Dormen help business owners who find themselves challenged in some way (whether that being in establishing a foothold in the market, working through staffing issues, financial planning or even just finding their business is stagnating).

A mentor is a ‘business friend’ who looks out for you as the business owner and can often highlight potential issues before they happen, and help the owner be prepared for unforeseen eventualities.

The lady I spoke to said that she often says to men that it is a bit like having a co-pilot in a rally. If the car is an analogy for the owner’s business,  they can focus on driving and getting the best out of it while their mentor co-pilot is supporting them with the journey plan, highlighting things they need to know about as well as alternative routes,  ensuring they are set up for the journey, prepared for bumps in the road, and past that winning post first!

Of course every business owner has their own measure of success and it is the mentor who listens and seeks to understand this in order to be effective for their client.

Due to funding, a whole year of mentoring costs only £200 (and for fledgling businesses this can be paid in part-payments to make the service more accessible). This is for as much time as a client needs, though the average is a 1- 1 ½ hour 1:1 session per month or per 6 weeks, or as much or as little as mentor and client agree as they go along.

They have an evening event in Blandford coming up which you might be interested in attending in order to find out more.

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