How can serviced offices help with hybrid working?

How can serviced offices help with hybrid working?

Hybrid working has become a 2022 buzz word following on from the Covid-19 pandemic and many are saying that it’s here to stay! We may even have another wave of Covid in the winter months, so we need to find a way forward. But it’s not as simple as just letting staff work from home part of the week.  Businesses are having to recalculate how much office space they need, how to schedule employees’ in-office time and where to station them. They’re having to think about how to enable collaboration among employees on different schedules and make the entire staff work as a team. It’s a tricky challenge for a small business, but by providing choice and taking a more empathic and understanding appoach with employees companies are more likely to win the war for retaining talent and attracting skilled staff.

Serviced office space could be part of the answer

Companies are no longer looking for conventional offices on long leases. Serviced offices like ours, provide flexibility so that looking to the future doesn’t feel like such an unknown and scary prospect. You can take space with us and upsize or downsize with just two weeks notice. It’s not just about downsizing space as more staff work from home, it’s about providing enough space for your business to operate successfully. Serviced offices will remove a lot of the stresses involved with operating business space, taking care of things like maintenance, utilities and your internet service, meaning businesses can easily budget and concentrate on the more important things.

It takes good management and communication to make hot desking work

Businesses can take advantage of a location like our centre and the flexibilty that it offers for space. They could chose smaller offices and keep desks multi use so that different staff can use at different times throughout the week, and utilise the meeting room facilities for group meetings or virtual meetings getting the whole team together.

A need for break out space for informal gatherings

Having small areas of seating around or even a sunny patio with bench tables outside are all plus points for basing your office at a centre like ours. It gives space for staff to meet outside the office, a safe space to take a break without having to lose valuable desk space within your office.

Could having two or three small offices work better than one big one?

It’s possible that the days of having one big open plan office may be over, or at least being thought long and hard about. A business centre like The Wincombe Centre might allow for a couple of offices side by side.  One could be set up for desks and the other as a meeting room/occasional space for staff. Open your mind to the possibilities and think about how a new approach might work for your business.

It’s all food for thought right?  If you want to see what space is available at The Wincombe Centre and how it might work for you. Check out our availabilty now or call Wendy on 01747 850404 and see if you can take advantage of quality serviced office space in Dorset.

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