The Wincombe Centre might look white and grey but we’re also quietly green!

The Wincombe Centre might look white and grey but we’re also quietly green!

We’re so proud of our centre and of the working environment we create for our businesses but what about the actual environment?

We pride ourselves in being as thoughtful as possible in everything we do including recycling all our paper, card, plastics, glass and coffee pods etc but the most noticable change that we made was the huge array of solar panels on The Wincombe Centre roof.  We installed the first set in 2012 and have added to that over the years to create a virtually blue roof!

This means that not only do we reduce our usage and cost of National grid electricity, but we even sell back a valuable resource to the grid from our generation. Keeping our costs down means that we are able to mitigate the hike in Licence Fee’s that would happen if we were solely reliant on the National Grid (great news for our small businesses!) as well as keeping our carbon footprint low.  We are even now looking into solar battery storage so that we can reduce our dependence further, and into the installation of Electric Car chargers to support our businesses and visitors in their endeavours to be environemenally friendly.

Having the solar arrays has contributed to our current EPC rating of B which is an achievement that we are very proud of, and we continue to make every effort to be efficient in all aspects of our business.


We’ve tried to be wildlife friendly too!

In the early part of this year we had our rear landscape coppiced, but instead of having the deadwood removed from site, we laid it neatly within the area to provide a fabulous habitat for wildlife.  Part of this and areas around the bottom car parks are maintained as a wildflower garden for the same reason.

Back in 2020, following on from a new build which created a brand-new Veterinary Clinic site within our grounds, and just as the Covid pandemic hit (and the hottest and driest few months in history!), we asked Darwin Ecology (based at the centre) to lay Wildflower Turf and seed other previously grassed areas. It was a tough week or three of watering to establish it, but they won the battle in the end, and the result was a fabulous variety of flowers and wildlife that summer and indeed every year since. This not only benefits the wildlife but the mental health of all centre users too. It’s an ever-changing wildflower garden with different varieties appearing year on year. Last year the display was simply stunning. The butterflies and bees thought so too.

The spring sunshine is at last beginning to entice this years’ flora display to show itself and we’re looking forward to seeing it flourish once more.

Are you doing your bit for wildlife and the environment?

When you’re next up at the centre; popping into Friars Moor Vets, coming here for an appointment with Miles Cowan the podiatrist or perhaps even with a car load heading for the Household waste centre on the business park, why not stop off and have a look at our superb wildflower gardens…coming in the weeks and months to follow.


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