9 Tips: Find The Perfect Commercial Property For Rent in Dorset

9 Tips: Find The Perfect Commercial Property For Rent in Dorset

Firstly, congratulations! Your business has reached an exciting key milestone if you’re looking for commercial property to rent in Dorset.

Maybe you’ve experienced solid growth and have a plan to take on employees over the coming year, or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer who just needs a home away from home to focus and do your best work?

Whatever your business situation, finding the “right” commercial property to rent can be a little bit of a headache as there is so much to consider.

In this article we’re going to look at 9 essential things to consider when looking for the right commercial property to rent in Dorset.


1) What type of commercial property do you want to rent?

First and foremost you need to establish what kind of commercial property you are looking to rent. There are quite a few different types, but the most common are;

2) Pick the right location

Of course ensuring that the commercial property you rent is situated in a good location is vitally important, although perhaps less so now that more and more businesses are offering hybrid working (a mixture of office based and remote working).

Here are some things you need to consider to ensure you pick the right location for your office:

3) Establish a budget

Renting commercial property can be costly depending on the location, size and type of office you rent.

Budgeting is vital – you need to be comfortable with the outlay and ensure you can still cover all of your other expenses.

As a rough guide, here’s what you might expect to budget for a lease on a private commercial property and serviced office space (of course figures will vary depending on square footage).

4) Does the commercial property have ample parking?

A simple but often overlooked question. Is there parking available and is it free?

If not, parking is another cost you’ll need to factor into your commercial property search and it could add up.

Free parking is essential to ensure you don’t have to rent a parking space offsite so your customers, clients (and potentially employees too) can park easily without having to drive round the area looking for a space.

Thankfully The Wincombe Centre offers free parking for all our tenants.


5) Does rent include electricity and heating?

With the cost of the price of gas and electricity rising steeply, if your business is having to foot the bill, you’ll be sure to notice it each month on top of your standard rent.

Not all commercial office space is the same, so be sure to check whether your bills are included in your rent or whether you’ll need to cover them yourself.

One of the huge benefits of our serviced office space in Dorset is that we cover the cost of your electricity and heating, so you don’t have to worry about it.


6) Is there room for your business to grow?

When looking at potential commercial property for rent, it is imperative to consider how your business could change over the coming years – positively or negatively.

If things ramp up and you take on two or more members of staff, can the size of commercial property you are looking at handle that?

Equally, if you need to scale back because you perhaps lose a key client account, can you scale things back if you need to?


7) Do you want to be tied into a lease for your commercial property?

Many small businesses don’t want the commitment of having a hefty lease hanging over their heads.

Typically private commercial property will come with a minimum 2 or 3 year lease, so you are committing to that space for a long time, often for a large amount of money each year.

Again, the huge benefit of our serviced office space is that it’s super flexible. You need only provide 2 weeks’ notice and you can move on, or you can scale up into a bigger unit if one becomes available, or scale down into a smaller one if you need to tighten the purse strings.


8) Is there out-of-office hours access?

As a business owner there are often times when you need to access your office outside of working hours. Perhaps there’s a looming deadline or you just need to head in on a Saturday to grab a few quiet hours?

Thankfully at The Wincombe Centre, our offices allow our tenants to come and go as they please, 24 hours a day. We do even have some tenants that work late into the evenings to be in sync with their international customers in other timezones.


9) Can you host meetings?

Typically most serviced offices don’t have meeting rooms within the actual space you are renting.

Sure, you might be able to put a partition up and section off a corner of your space for meetings, but you won’t have any privacy.

Having access to meeting rooms you can book for new business meetings, staff reviews, training sessions and more is vitally important, so make sure the commercial property you look at can accommodate this.

At The Wincombe Centre we offer our tenants reduced rates on meeting room hire and this includes coffee, water and Wifi facilities, along with HDMI linked screens for presentations.


Looking for commercial property to rent?

If you’re looking for serviced office space to rent in Dorset, then do check out our current availability and get in touch with Wendy, our Centre Manager.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll get:

We often have a waiting list for businesses looking for office space to rent, so it’s worth discussing exactly what you are looking for. in case a similar unit is about to become available in the coming weeks.