Can you build office space and still encourage nature?

Can you build office space and still encourage nature?

Meadow View

In 2019 The Wincombe Centre set about a new build. Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic were based at the centre and looking to expand. We built them a new clinic on a grassy area at the side of the main centre. We had to move an existing landscaped bund slightly to accommodate it and, after the works were completed, planted a variety of trees and shrubs back on the new landscapes area.

Then… we got talking to Darwin Ecology!

Based at the centre … with an office overlooking the new landscaping, they were keen for us to plant a wild flower meadow on its banks and set about talking to us about options. Plans were devised and as well as providing us with a much enhanced landscape, with a lovely variety of native trees and shrubs, they laid a wild flower meadow seeded turf on the bank and a seeded soil in low lying areas.

Timing sadly couldn’t have been worse, as we entered lockdown immediately after the work was done and also experienced some of the most amazing (and unforgiving) sunshine we’ve had in Dorset for a long time. However, Team Darwin never gave up. They tirelessly laboured and watered to help the meadow establish.

Now I’d like to sound knowledgeable about what flowers we have growing but I’m afraid I’m lacking in that department, however, I will say that, when I went for a wander this afternoon, the entire bank was teaming with life. Butterflies of all kinds leapt between the many colourful flowers, dancing a merry jig to the rhythmic chirp of the Crickets song. It was really quite beautiful.

Next time you’re visiting the Vets or popping up to the centre, stop for a moment and take a look.