Can a day out count as a working day?

Can a day out count as a working day?

I’d be lying if I ever said that working at The Wincombe Centre wasn’t fun!  I love my job. It’s never dull, and is brimming with a fabulous and diverse set of people.

We’ve had a busier than usual August so far. We’ve welcomed, or are about to welcome, six new businesses to the centre, which is amazing! The Centre is currently occupied, almost fully, by 37 different businesses. Interestingly a third of these are women led. In fact, over 60% of the workforce at the centre right now are female! We also have 16 virtual businesses who work from home but use us a professional address and a place to meet with clients etc so we’re home to a real mix of businesses from counselling, massage, therapy and carers, through to recruitment, letting agents, tech teams, bookkeepers and accountants. A real small business hub in Shaftesbury. Add in two meeting rooms which are used by local businesses for training, meeting clients and team get togethers and you’ll understand why I love my job so much and why there’s never a dull moment. 

And if that wasn’t enough fun for one week.. we even had a work day away at The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Agricultural Show! 

From office to field for the day!

Anne & I left the laptops at the office on Wednesday and took to the fields for what turned out to be a rare and fabulously sunny day. 

We met up with Adam from Bloomfield & Associates IFA from the town centre, and even scored a free scone!! Thanks Adam!

A free cream tea and a chance for shopping too!

The team from Brave and Determined Company were out again raising invaluable funds in their bid to get people access to early intervention counselling. Their branded clothing is amazing quality and all the profits from their sales go to fund the charity! Look out for them at the next local event or online at

Great to see so many different businesses from Wincombe Business Park!

We chatted to many of our collegues and Wincombe Business Park neighbours around the showground. The girls from Bramley Home Care were in good spirits, as were GCS Agricentre, despite a lot of missing farming folk due to the brief window in the weather keeping them on the farms ‘making hay while the sun was shining’.

Wincombe Centre business Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic were out representing both the small animals and livestock.  Rumour has it Anne even enjoyed a smashing burger compliments of their stand by the main ring!

We had such a fabulous day out and really enjoyed seeing so many local businesses networking at the show.

Cheers to Shaftesbury’s successful small businesses!